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Villex has various working- and living spaces immediately available throughout the entirety of the Netherlands. Besides houses, apartments and (student)dorms (link), we offer studios and offices. It is located in the big cities in the Netherlands, often close to various facilities, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden and Middelburg (and many more!).

Are you interested in a space offered by Villex? Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit;
  • You are directly available and flexible;
  • You are 18 years or older (you can register if you are younger, but we do need permission from your parents/guardian);
  • You have a demonstrable income from a student grant, salary, allowance or an independent   enterprise;
  • You have no resident children;
  • You have no pets;
  • You master the Dutch or English language, both spoken and written.

Click here to register

Would you like to be considered for a nice living- or working space with Villex? Take a look at what you should do to own your own living space soon over here!

Step 1: register.

Here you can register for free! You will receive a confirmation email from us. Now, you can log in with an email address in ‘My Villex’.

Step 2: Enter your details online.

In ‘My Villex’, fill in all in required fields under the heading ‘My Information’. Now, your registration is complete.

Step 3: Come to our office for an interview

Call us for an interview in our office. Here, we will explain how we work and what we expect of you. Of course, your expectations and ideal living- or working space will be discussed. After this interview, you can inspect the space.

Step 4: Provide us your document

Before the interview, your Villex contact person needs some documents from you. An overview of these documents and the possibility to upload them digitally, you can find in ‘My Villex’, under the heading ‘My Dossier’.

Pay attention: make sure you are reachable by phone at all times. The moment we have a space available and we cannot reach you, we will call the next candidate.

Step 5: Checking the dossier

Your dossier will be provided by the management for monitoring. Are all the required documents approved? Then you can sign your contract for the space that is reserved for you.

Step 6: Signing the contract

You will receive an email that includes a link that enables you to sign the agreement online. After opening the link, you will receive a text messages as a verification, which you will need to digitally sign the document. Subsequently, you will receive the signed document together with your proof of payment in your email. You can pick up your key via an appointment in our office.

Congratulations, you can start moving! If you have not found the answer to your question on this page, please contact us.