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Confirmation intake

“ You have an appointment for an intake! ”

To qualify for a home and/or work space, we need some of your information.

We would like to ask you to bring the one-time registration costs of €20,00 (in cash), your personal id card and bank card to the intake.

You can easily upload the following information in your MyVillex account:

• Income statement of the tax authorities. You can request the form by phone or online.
• Three recent salary checks with a recent statement of your employer. If you are paid weekly, we need to receive at least 4 payslips. If your income consists of study finance, we would like to receive a print screen from DUO. If your income consists of a benefit, we would like to receive the specification.
• Letter of guarantee excl. data about the room, we fill this in for you. Click here for the form.
• Salary specification of your guarantor.

If applicable

• Lessor statement, Click here to download.
• Annual accounts 2017. Please note! If you are unable to submit annual accounts, please send invoices with the corresponding deposits, no tax returns.
• Quartely overview 2017.
• Registration Chamber of Commerce.


If your uploaded information is not complete or if you have any questions about uploading the documents, please contact us by phone.

Please note! If not all documents are uploaded, we need to reschedule your appointment.
Income statement

This statement is required when you want to rent temporarily and the rental price of the property is less than € 710, - a month. The request for a declaration of income with the tax authority always takes a few working days. It's important that you have this form as soon as possible!


Would you like to rent a place at Villex? We need someone to be a financial guarantor for you. This is mandatory regardless of your income and your age. The guarantor needs to meet certain requirements. The guarantor needs to have an apparent income (minimum 2.5x the rent with a minimum of € 1000,- a month) and hold a valid ID. The guarantor needs to sign the ;letter of guarantee, the form can be found here.

Please note that we will be doing a credit check. If you fail the check, we are unable to offer you a living or working space. We do not see mortgage or student loan as a debt.


If there are any further questions, please let us know.


Take a look at www.villex.nl for directions and our current offer of living or working space.



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